Optional Worship, Full Commitment

DC | ET Student

It is never easy to be a group of 20 students going into crowded places. Often times we have to shuffle along until there is a space big enough for all of us. Holy Trinity Brompton in London was no exception. After being greeted warmly to the church, we were quickly shuffled upstairs to more seating. From the balcony, I could see that the floor of the sanctuary had already filled up and people were quickly filling in around us.

As I looked around I noticed the diversity of people milling about. As worship began, the differences I previously saw in everyone faded away as believers worshipped the name of our God as one congregation, praising enthusiastically with arms lifted high. I was moved. Looking around I could see that same fearlessness in the members of our group.

Diana photo

Worship at Holy Trinity Brompton in London. | Photo by DC

Our professor doesn’t force us to come to church, yet seventeen of eighteen students joined for this optional service (the eighteenth member fell ill that Sunday). At the England Term meetings before we left the U.S., members of our group introduced the idea of having optional group worship times and church visits to keep our spiritual lives afloat during this quick-paced, exciting semester. Besides the church services, our group committed to student-led worship and devotionals. Our professor sets apart a time of our week specific to these events and if a student feels led to speak or lead worship they can sign up for it. All optional. All with a majority turn out. Students are eager to learn and worship with other students.

Sometimes I do not think students realize how much influence they have on other students. It is so easy to miss out on our personal daily devotionals with all the travel, work and adventure that is our daily lives in England, but it is so encouraging to be in prayer with my peers during student-run worship.

That Sunday at Holy Trinity Brompton, I saw the faith of this group in a new light. On a day when our group could have chosen to sleep in, an opportunity which we rarely get, just about all of us trekked across London through the busy tube and crowded streets to personally worship our Father with other Londoners.



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