The Not So Secret Garden

AC | ET Student

Bodnant Gardens is both a beautiful garden and part of the National Trust of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The Trust considers itself to be, “a charity that works to preserve and protect historic places and spaces for everyone,” according to Wikipedia.

Amanda Photo 2

Flower located in Bodnant Gardens. | Photo by AC

The garden first opened in 1874 and was developed over the course of five generations. The founder of the gardens, the famous chemist Henry Davis Pochin, bought the land and redesigned it to become an amazing piece of history. His most notable contribution to the garden are the five terraces that face Snowdonia, a mountainous region located in northwest Wales. It became part of the National Trust in 1949.

The garden spans across 80 acres of land, which is filled with plants from all over the world, a beautiful waterfall and several noteworthy trees. The garden has a connection to both 19th and 20th century explorers who brought back plants and added them to the gardens. Today, the garden has around 22 champion trees, which are significant for various reasons consisting of but not limited to age and height.

Amanda Photo1

River in Bodnant Gardens. | Photo by AC

There are many activities to do at Bodnant gardens; such as  walking paths allowing you to experience the gardens in more ways than one.  Bodnant was absolutely stunning and walking around the gardens allowed me to appreciate nature. I was able to look at the flowers and trees and see the beauty within. I thought about the differences in culture between the United Kingdom and the United States. People in the U.K. seem to care about their National Trusts, while the U.S. might care but not as much. The closest thing to these gardens would be Yosemite with the similar way that the trees in Bodnant Gardens stand tall and demand your attention.


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