Discovery, Diversity and Literature

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Cobblestone streets have the peculiar ability to send a person back to times they have not seen before, times only known through literature. Scattered across the United Kingdom, within towns between sheep pastures, there are cobblestone streets. If you found your shoes planted upon one such street, within a town of memories, and you looked around, you might be standing in a city which raised an author. Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Scott, and hoards of other writers s integral to the development of English literature came from small towns dispersed across the English countryside. The cultural impact of these authors on towns, has developed through centuries and is massively present to this day.

The small town of Haworth was the homeof sisters Emily, Anne and Charlotte Brontë, authors of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, and connects people of different backgrounds within a shared space. Within the pubs and cafés, unfamiliar and lilting accents fall out of the mouths of strangers. It’s streets become opportunities for tourists seeking something within these authors to explore. The culture is discovery, diversity and literature.

Kellie Photo1

The streets of Haworth, home of the Brontë sisters. | Photo by KH

Places like Haworth are built upon the precedent set by the authors who lived within them. Every word-played café name, every bookshelf displayed, every marble statue reminds explorers and citizens alike, to whom they owe their presence on the European map to. Those who call such cities their homes are seen working in cafés, museum gift shops, quaint bed and breakfasts and other establishments of a similar vein. These are towns unlike any other, uniquely moving their way into the future while preserving the past.

While the streets bustle with tourists drawn to the homes of these significant figures, those who call these towns home take pride in the heritage they come from. The rest of the world is merely stopping by to pay homage to their favorite authors. These marvelous little cities are treasures, with cultures distinct to the city and utterly beautiful in their own literary way.

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